supporting the business plan -- a core mission

We all know that before selling the first buggy whip, or manufacturing the first widget, businesses live and die on the  coherence of their strategy and its flow into a business plan.

This is true whether it's a couple of dudes with a cool mobile advertisng concept pitching for their first seed money, or the CTO of a major chip vendor looking to get her board to invest € 5 B in a new deep-submicron fab .Ultimately, our clients all need to have a narrative that they believe in and that they can tell to their customers and stakeholders.

This is where we come in: dependinfg on clients' needs and resources, we can build the entire story, design a scalable pitch (from 30 second elevator story to full-blown business plan,) or provide individual components, from customer research to value proposition development, from competitor analysis to market forecasts.


What's the point and how do we tell whom?

content innovation bridging time and space

Work In Progress