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An analog IC house we worked for used to patent very few of their designs, the reason being that they found that patents made it easier to reverse-engineer their chips.   Likewise, there is little or no patentable IPR to our approach -- it is based on our principle strengths:

- Experience

- Credibility

- Knowledge

- Contacts

We typically use a Porter appoach checklist when building a business plan.  We can deliver you a full business plan, or we can deliver specific modules, such a market demand forecast, or competitor analysis.

We rely heavily on documented facts to deliver the building blocks for a business case, whether these facts come from desk research, our own knowledge bases, or informal interviews with some of our 3000-strong industry contacts.  Depending on the project objectives, we will also interview key members of your team, to ensure that we are all reading from the same page.

For better or for worse Powerpoint remains the LIngua Franca of the business world.  Most deliverables will be provided in a detailed Powerpoint format.

Forecasts will always be provided in Excel and an executive summary in Word.

We are happy to provide differing levels of detail or emphasis depending on the target audience (eg: product personnel, investors, board.)

If for any reason you're allergic to Microsoft, we can also provide deliverables in Keynote, Numbers or Pages.  Likewise, we can also provide promotional videos, or HTML5-compliant web material.



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