rules of engagement


A few operating principles and guidelines


There's a guy in the Los Angeles area who makes the most sought-after rockstar-grade guitar amplifiers, but no one has ever heard of him.  Alexander Dumble is such a recluse, along the lines of JD Salinger, that his very existence has been thought to be a hoax. Urban legend or not, his amplifiers do appear on the market where, alongside pro guitar amp stalwarts like Fender or Marshall, whose high-end offerings are priced at a few thousand dollars,  Dumble amps routinely command $50000,  and can fetch up to $150000.  The day Alexander Dumble's obituary appears, his oeuvre's value will skyrocket.

Dumble has a few simple rules of engagement, to most of which, like his premium pricing, we don't subscribe.

You can't re-sell a Dumble amp.  Contractually, Dumble's clients are not permitted to sell-on a Dumble amp, to protect his IPR.  Since he's had difficulty enforcing what amounts to restraint of trade, he now encases the circuitry in resin, making it especially painful to troubleshoot or repair.

At nomadNess, whatever we produce for you is yours, to do with what you will.

You will not interrupt the maestro at work:  Dumble routinely makes his customers, who have made downpayments  of tens of thousands of dollars, sign an undertaking not to query the amp guru for a progress report, at least not for a year or two, lest his contemplative state be perturbed.

At nomadNess, no matter the size of the project, we consider that we're part of your team, and endeavour to anticpate your priorities changing due to unforeseen events.

You may have the cash on hand to order one of his jewels, but that ain't enough: Dumble has to like you and your music, before he'll accept your order.

That is the one Dumble principle to which we adhere: if your entity deals in guns or other weaponry, happily pollutes, or does not respecf workers' rights...please spend your money elsewhere.  This is a fringe benefit of being independent.

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